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We put together several essential files in one place with the aim of making your daily work easier. It’s just incredible!

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A file package that aims to ease the daily lives of professionals working with social media. With these files you will be able to decrease the time spent on trivial activities and focus on what really matters: the results of your customers!

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Do you want to leave everything the way you like or adapt the materials to your routine? Feel free to make any changes you need. The files are in formats such as .PPTX, .XLS, .DOCX, .AI and .PSD.

Focused. Aimed. Essential.

There is no fooling around here. All the materials are clear and objective. All designed and developed to facilitate your daily lives of professionals working in the area.

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Have any questions? Do you want to exchange an idea about your strategy or the use of materials? Just e-mail us or text us at Telegram! We will help you with everything you need, whether technical or strategic support.

Made by those who understand!

All materials were developed by those who understand the subject and work in the area. The files have been optimized for the daily life of the social media professional and tested in a day to day work routine.

20 copys models that convert more!

Have you ever imagined having access to ready-made Copys models that have already been tested and approved in large campaigns? Now is your chance. We have separated 20 killer copys, which convert A LOT, so that you can adapt and use them in your marketing actions.

  • PDF File (.PDF)

Value/hour calculator worksheet

Who has never had a hard time pricing services, right? Luckily, we’re here to help you. This worksheet accompanies a mini pricing class that will help you find the ideal amount to be charged for each of your services.

  • Excel File (.XLS)

Checklist of formats and channels

the days where posting a cute image on Facebook was the recipe for success are gone. Today there are dozens of formats and channels that can be explored in different situations. Our checklist of formats and channels will show you different ways to create your strategy.

  • PDF File (.PDF)

Goal Calculator Worksheet

This little thing that we call “goal” is probably the most important indicator of any campaign. Our goal calculator helps you to find out what other numbers you need to get (such as access to the website or investment in ADS, for example), to achieve your campaign goal.

  • Excel File (.XLS)

The social media checklist

If you are one of those who get lost in the middle of so many tasks that you need to perform, this checklist is for you. We bring together all the tasks that a good social media needs to do daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. All in one file, easy to understand and perfect for you to monitor your routine.

  • PDF File (.PDF)

An amazing checklist to improve your conversion rate

How about a checklist with all the step by step that needs to be performed for a significant increase in the number of conversions in a campaign? That is exactly what we developed! This material can be your best friend when it comes to optimizing any online ad.

  • PDF File (.PDF)

Buyer persona generator spreadsheet

A spreadsheet that generates your persona in .PDF ready for you to print and present to the client? We have! With it you answer some questions, say what are the characteristics of your persona and that’s it. It is in charge of organizing and getting all the information ready for printing.

  • Excel File (.XLS)

Business proposal template to send to the customer

Writing a proposal for the client is not an easy task … It WAS not. Now it is! With our proposal template you just need to complete some information to have a beautiful and 100% personalized proposal. Then it’s up to you … Let’s make some sales.

  • Microsoft Word File (.DOCX)

07 Strategic flow models

How about showing your client in an intuitive and visual way how the strategy you will apply to him will work? With our strategic flow models you can! Just choose the one that best fits the customer’s reality, adapt and that’s it!

  • Microsoft PowerPoint File (.PPTX)

“Viralmeter” worksheet for you to pump the contents up.

Imagine a spreadsheet that helps you predict whether the content has the potential or not to go viral. Think about it? Well, that’s what we did here! This beauty helps you find which of your ideas are most likely to go viral. Your content planning will never be the same!

  • Microsoft Excel File (.XLS)

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